Give Sight Local is dedicated to providing high-quality vision care to underserved communities in the Omaha area. A branch of the non-profit Give Sight Global, this local outreach program strives to treat curable blindness and other preventable eye conditions right here at home.

Our Story

The Give Sight story began in 2013, when co-founder Justin Nabity was invited to speak at the annual meeting for the American Academy of Ophthalmologists (AAO). The invitation came from Justin’s friend and client Dr. Jeff Pettey, a faculty member at the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center. At the AAO conference, Justin first learned about the Moran Outreach Program and their mission to treat preventable and curable blindness in high-need communities around the world.  Shortly after, Justin and his business partner Reid Lancaster volunteered on service trips to Navajo Nation, Tanzania, Micronesia, Trinidad and Tobago for the Moran Outreach Program. There, he witnessed firsthand the life-changing impact of cataract surgery and vision care.

Inspired by the work of the Moran Outreach Program, Justin and Reid co-founded the 501(c)3 non-profit Give Sight Global in 2016. Today Give Sight Global sponsors cataract surgeries in 12 different countries around the world. However, poor access to eye care is an issue that also affects communities much closer to home. The Give Sight Local division was established to prevent and treat blindness throughout Omaha, Nebraska and the surrounding area. 

The Give Sight Global organization is supported by donations and an expanding network of corporate sponsors. Each year, a portion of the revenue from Physicians Thrive, Justin and Reid’s financial firm, is donated directly to Give Sight Global. In 2018, we launched a charitable fitness application to raise awareness of the cause and expand our network of supporters. The Give Sight app matches every 120 calories burned by users with $1 donation from corporate sponsors. The application is also used as a wellness initiative and team-building tool by numerous local businesses and organizations. 

Give Sight Local strives to improve access to critical vision care services in our community and around the world. 

Our Team

Justin Nabity
Reid Lancaster
kristen reed
Dr. Kristin Reed
Optometry Volunteer

GiveSightLocal.org is a related affiliate/trade name of GiveSightGlobal, a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to GiveSightLocal are deemed contributions to GiveSightGobal.